Products for horses

prodotti alimentari per cavalli
PHO 105 SINTO-HORSES Vitamin pre-mix for the manufacture of feed 25kg Bag
PHO 108 VITACOMPLEX HORSES Complementary biotin feed, vitamins and amino acids. Suitable for horses, foals, mares and donkeys.

10kg Bucket 25kg Bag

PHO 110 ZINCABLEND HORSES Mineral feed biotin supplement. Suitable for horses, mares and donkeys. 25kg Bag
PHO 115 BIOTIN-YEAST 500 Complementary yeast feed made from saccharomyces cerev and biotin, suitable for horses, foals, mares and donkeys.

3kg Bucket 1kg Jar

PHO 120 MARIAN HORSES DIETARY feed supplement intended for horses, foals and breeding mares.

3kg Bag 1kg Jar

PFN 051 BIOYEAST HORSES Active yeast + vitamins and amino acids for horses. 20kg Bag
We would like to remind customers that L.F.B. BIOSINT S.r.l. is able to create ad-hoc formulas specially tailored to the customer’s requirements for both livestock feed companies and industrial breeders.  
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